Prius v features Bluetooth®[B5] connectivity for selected mobile phones. So It's easy to stay in touch with friends, family and the office when you're on the move.

  • Hands-free Bluetooth®[B5] connectivity enabled mobile calls
  • Wireless access to many of your compatible mobile's phone functions
  • Stream music via Bluetooth®[B5] connectivity
  • Vary sound levels with Touch Tracer steering wheel control

Wireless Hands-Free mobile Calls

Prius v's audio and communication system features Bluetooth®[B5] connectivity, which allows you to wirelessly make and receive hands-free mobile calls on compatible mobile phones. You simply speak normally and your voice will be picked up by the car's microphone. With the other end of the phone conversation coming over the car's front speaker wrap around sound system, it will feel like the person you're talking to is in the car with you.

Easy Bluetooth® Registration

To use the Bluetooth®[B5] feature in Prius v, you simply register your compatible Bluetooth®[B5] enabled mobile phone once with the audio system (it's easy and takes just a few minutes).

Once your mobile phone is registered, calls can be made using controls mounted on the steering wheel or the 6.1" touch screen display.

Touch Tracer Control

Touch Tracercontrols mounted on the steering wheel enable you to adjust hands-free phone call volume without taking your eyes off the road.

Bluetooth® Audio Streaming

As well as the multiple ways there are to play music through Prius v's audio system, audio can also be streamed wirelessly to Prius v's audio system from selected Bluetooth®[B5] enabled devices such as mobile phones and some iPods®[G8].