Hybrid System Packaging (Illustration shown)

In Prius c, Toyota's world leading Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology (HSD) teams a petrol engine and an advanced electric motor in parallel. This enables the two power units to drive the car either together as a team or separately as individuals. Not all hybrid systems can do this.

So at low speeds, the electric motor can power the car on its own, lowering CO2 emissions[J9] to zero. But step on the accelerator and the petrol engine kicks seamlessly back in to give you all the acceleration you need.

The Hybrid System continuously monitors driving circumstances and responds instantly to your needs – whether you're accelerating, braking, cruising on the highway or driving in stop start traffic – and manages the balance of power from petrol engine and electric motor. It seamlessly adjusts the output from each power source to optimise performance while maximising fuel efficiency and minimizing CO2 emissions[J9].

The hybrid battery receives all the charge it needs from normal driving and from reclaiming energy through regenerative braking or deceleration that would normally be wasted. So it never needs to be plugged in.