Everything about Prius c has been designed with efficiency in mind – from ground-breaking technology that provides ongoing feedback which helps you actively improve the way you drive, to its Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology, a smart combination of a responsive electric motor, and a 1.5L Atkinson Cycle petrol engine.

Powerful enough and comfortable enough for the open road, Prius c comes into its own around town.

Exceptional Economy Around Town

Prius c offers incredible fuel economy in general with 3.9 Litres/100km [J9] (Combined) but on the urban cycle, it excels with – 3.7 Litres/100km [J9] .

Depending on the driving situation – accelerating, braking, cruising, stop start traffic and so on, the Hybrid System automatically balances the output from petrol, engine and electric motor to deliver the necessary power as efficiently as possible while achieving maximum economy and minimising emissions. [J9]

Low CO2 Emissions [J9]

Both the petrol engine and the electric motor can drive the car independently of each other. And at low speeds, such as in stop start traffic the electric motor can power the car on its own, lowering CO2 emissions [J9] to zero. When you accelerate the petrol engine seamlessly kicks back in to provide more power.

Driving Modes

As well as normal drive mode, Prius c can be switched to ‘EV’ mode (Electric Vehicle) for short distances. In this mode, the car is powered by the electric motor alone reducing noise and cutting out engine emissions completely. This mode is particularly useful to reduce noise in residential areas when returning home late at night or to cut emissions in enclosed parking areas.

For maximum economy, Prius c can be switched to ‘ECO’ mode. In this mode, Prius c automatically manages fuel usage inputs and optimises the air conditioning system to maximise fuel efficiency [J9] .