Smart Entry

Prius c's Smart Entry is convenience at your fingertips. Smart Entry system allows you to lock or unlock the door, without ever taking the key out of your pocket. You simply need to have it with you.

Smart Entry is very convenient if you're carrying bags, shopping, or dealing with an infant, especially if it's raining. The system knows when you want to enter your vehicle. The system picks up the radio transmission from your key fob when it's close by. As soon as you grip the door handle or the rear hatch release, it authorises the locks to open. It works even if the key is in your pocket or in a bag.

It's also smart enough to know if you've left the key in the car and the system won't let you lock the door unless the key is outside the car with you.

Smart Start button

Smart Start

Smart Start also enables you to start the car, without ever using the key. You simply need to have it with you.

As long as the key is in the car with you, you only need to press the brake pedal and push the Start button to start or stop the engine.

Smart Entry and Smart Start is just another convenient feature in the compact Prius c.