Driving enjoyment and music are inextricably linked. We all have our favourite driving tracks - something to go with winding country roads, something for long motorway journeys, and something for zipping around town. Whatever your choice, it's always something that makes the drive better.

That's why we take care to ensure that the audio systems we put in the Prius c don't just produce great sound. They produce great sound from different kinds of input devices.

Prius c features a USB[G5] input so if you have music stored on a USB[G5] memory stick, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Don't forget the popcorn

In the Prius i-Tech® the Toyota Entertainment Communications Hub (T.E.C.H.)™ is even more advanced. It has DivX™[B1] compatibility so the system will read media files from your USB [G5] memory stick and display them on the 6.1 inch touch screen.

So whether it's a long trip and you fancy a break, or you have specifically chosen a spot for your own drive-in movie venue, Prius c will do its best to keep you entertained.