The Toyota Entertainment Communications Hub (T.E.C.H.™) system in Prius i-Tech® models, includes Satellite Navigation[N1] with 3D graphics. The 3D graphics show major buildings and local landmarks in excellent detail, giving you a really clear idea of what things actually look like and helping you to avoid becoming disoriented when driving towns and cities you don’t know. The 6.1 inch touch screen displays information in an easy to follow split screen format, making it easy to plan lane changes on busy motorways and providing useful driving data such as length of journey and estimated arrival time. The split screen function also means you can control audio devices and hands-free mobile calls while still being able to view Satellite Navigation [N1] details.

Working in tandem with Satellite Navigation [N1], a traffic avoidance system (SUNA™ Traffic Channel[G7]), provides up to the minute, detailed information about road conditions – roadworks, traffic jams, broken traffic lights and so on. This helps Satellite Navigation[N1] work out the best route to avoid congestion. It advises you with live updates about any delays en route and also alerts you when conditions change - if there's an accident ahead, for instance.

Prius i-Tech® Satellite Navigation[N1] makes finding your way round and avoiding hold ups, easier than ever. Which helps to take the stress out of long journeys and ensures you get where you're going with the minimum of fuss.