Whether you choose the V6 petrol engine or the 3.0L turbo diesel, you'll be stunned by the performance of the Prado. What also may surprise you is the fuel-economy offered by such a hard working 4WD.

Both versions of the Prado are technologically advanced with many clever innovations that improve fuel efficiency. Helping to make the car cleaner and helping to keep fuel usage to a minimum. So it's a car designed for Australia's environment in more ways than one.

V6 Petrol engine

The Prado's petrol engine is an absolute powerhouse - enabling you to explore the kind of off road terrain other 4WDs may struggle with and delivering the kind of fuel economy you wouldn't expect.

Your exact fuel usage depends on various factors - where you're going, the type of terrain you're tackling, whether you're using manual or automatic transmission, and of course, how much equipment you're taking with you.

Turbo diesel engine

Despite delivering on torque, the 3.0L turbo diesel Prado gives you 8.8L/100km [G1] (or up to 1700km per tank on all diesel models excluding the Altitude) for the manual transmission and 8.5L/100km [G1] with the automatic.