Prepare for Amazing

We believe in the power of movement, to innovate and constantly improve. That’s why we’re an Official Sponsor of Australia’s Olympic and Paralympic Teams as they compete in the world’s biggest celebrations of movement – the Olympic and Paralympic Games.



We’ve been a proud sponsor of the Australian Paralympic Committee for more than 10 years and have extended our sponsorship to the Australian Olympic Team and some of Australia’s finest Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

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Redefine the way you move

We’re committed to using technology and innovation to break down barriers, moving people like never before. From more eco-friendly fuel cell vehicles to cars that look more like motorcycles to ease congestion, we’re constantly exploring the future of mobility.


The sleek and muscular C-HR is an innovative compact SUV that combines the best of both worlds between a hatch and a full-sized SUV. It features a bold design that makes it appear to be moving even while standing still. The C-HR launches in early 2017.

CHR Olympics


The Mirai* is one of the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the world. It delivers punchy performance, while emitting only water. Toyota is working with industry and government to discuss the refuelling infrastructure required in Australia to support fuel cell vehicles.

Toyota Mirai


A new concept in urban mobility, the iRoad* combines the potential of cars and motorbikes in an entirely new type of vehicle. Ultra-compact and with zero emissions, it has the potential to redefine the way we move.

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* Overseas model shown. Not currently available in Australia