Toyota recall due to power window master switch

Toyota recall due to power window master switch

Oct 10, 2012 By Toyota Australia.

Toyota recall due to power window master switch

Toyota recall due to power window master switch

As part of a worldwide campaign, Toyota Australia has announced a recall on certain Corolla, Kluger, RAV4, Yaris, Aurion and Camry vehicles built between 2006 and 2010.

The recall is due to the power window master switch, located on the driver’s armrest, not operating smoothly (sticky feel). This is due to the non-uniform application of lubricating grease resulting in wear to the internal sliding contact points. In some instances, the switch may become inoperative.

In the worst case, if a commercially available lubricant has been applied to the switch attempting to rectify this operation, the switch assembly may overheat and melt.

This recall is a precautionary measure. The switch will be checked mechanically and electrically for correct operation and specialised electrical grease will then be applied to ensure it operates smoothly when pressed.

Toyota expects only a small number of vehicles will require the power window electrical circuit board to be replaced.

The inspection and any required repairs will take approximately one hour to complete and will be at no cost to the owner. Depending on the dealer’s work schedule however, the car may need to be available for a longer period of time.

Should Toyota owners experience sticking operation of the power window master switch, we recommend that the switch is no longer used prior to vehicle inspection and repair.

There have been six reports in Australia. No accidents or injuries have been reported.

A total of 297,931 vehicles are affected in Australia. Globally 7.4 million vehicles are impacted.

Toyota will commence a mail out to owners of affected vehicles at their last known address from mid November asking them to make an appointment with their preferred Toyota dealer.

For further information about this recall, customers can call 1800 987 366.