Jan 24, 2017 By Toyota Australia.

Adelaide Crows Women’s team co-captain Chelsea Randall with the Toyota RAV4

Adelaide Crows Women’s team co-captain Chelsea Randall with the Toyota RAV4

Australia’s number one automotive brand – Toyota Australia – has extended its successful sponsorship of the Adelaide Football Club to support the Crows AFL Women’s team in its inaugural season.

Toyota has backed the Crows since the club played its first AFL season in 1991 – the same year Toyota first became the nation’s best-selling automotive brand.

The new partnership arrangement to support the club’s women’s side will see Toyota represented at the Crows’ four AFL Women’s home games in 2017 and again in 2018. 

Adelaide Crows CEO Andrew Fagan said the club was thrilled that Toyota had extended its support.

“Toyota’s long-term commitment to the club has been instrumental to our success on and off the field and we’re delighted that they have extended their support to our women’s team in its first season,” Mr Fagan said.

“For more than 25 years we have worked closely with Toyota to the benefit of both organisations and it’s extremely pleasing to have their backing for the AFL Women’s competition.”

Toyota Australia’s executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said both the company and the club had benefited from a consistent, long-term relationship.  

“We’re proud to continue to strengthen our relationship with the Adelaide Crows and now support the women’s team in addition to our existing partnership with the men’s team – an opportunity we happily welcome,” Mr Cramb said.

The Crows AFL Women’s team will play its first official game at Adelaide’s Thebarton Oval on Saturday 4 February at 4.35pm, with free entry for all.

About Toyota Australia

Toyota became the top-selling automotive brand in SA in 2007 – a position it has held ever since. It has been the national best-seller 20 times, including every year since 2003.

At a national level, Toyota is noted for its sponsorship of sport, which is characterised by a shared passion for people, activities and organisations that benefit the community.

Toyota is the Premier Partner of the Australian Football League, a position it has held for 13 years, with a particular emphasis on the grassroots Good for Footy program that supports local clubs.

Toyota’s other sponsorships include National Tree Day, the largest community-based nature care activity in Australia.