Toyota Australia advice to Prius customers

Toyota Australia advice to Prius customers

Feb 9, 2010 By Toyota Australia.

Toyota Australia advice to Prius customers

Toyota Australia advice to Prius customers

Toyota Motor Corporation Japan and Toyota Motor Corporation Australia have initiated a safety recall campaign on its current generation Prius vehicles. Current generation Prius commenced being sold in Australia in July 2009.

A total of 2378 Toyota Prius vehicles in Australia are affected. Globally a total of about 400,000 vehicles are involved in the recall - in Japan, the United States, Europe and in other regions.

The recall is being taken in response to reports of inconsistent brake feel during slow and steady braking on certain road conditions such as a pot hole, bumpy or slippery road surfaces when the ABS is activated. The brake pedal feel may not be consistent, but the brakes will continue to operate. There have been a total of 111 cases reported globally, two in Australia.

The recall entails a change to the ABS management program of the vehicle's Electronic Control Unit (ECU) in order to improve response time. The procedure will take approximately one hour using standard test equipment in use at all authorised Toyota dealers.

There have been no accidents linked to this issue reported in Australia. No other Toyota or Lexus models in Australia are affected by this recall.

This issue is not related to the recent accelerator pedal recall in North America, Europe and China. Vehicles sold or built in Australia are not affected by that recall.

The locally made Hybrid Camry launched this week in Australia is not affected, and will be available to customers later this month on schedule.

Owners of vehicles affected by this action in Australia will receive a campaign notification by mail this week advising them to contact their local Toyota Authorised Dealer to arrange for repairs to be made. The repairs will be at NO COST to the vehicle owner.

Involved vehicles:

Q1: What is the condition?
A1: Due to programming of the ABS (Anti Lock Braking System), there is a possibility that the braking force may be slightly degraded on completion of ABS activation. In situations where the brake pedal is lightly held and ABS is activated for a moment on icy or bumpy roads, the vehicle stopping distance may be longer.

Q2: What is the cause of the condition?
A2: The condition is caused by programming of the ABS Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Due to this programming, there is a possibility that the braking force at ABS activation may slightly degrade as compared to the braking force before the activation.

Q3: Are there any warnings that this condition exist?
A3: The driver may notice inconsistent brake feel during slow and steady application of brakes on icy or bumpy road surfaces when the anti-lock brake system (ABS) is activated.

Q3a: Are there any steps a driver may take if they experience this condition?
A3a: Each circumstance may vary, and drivers must use their best judgement, but until the remedy is completed on the vehicle Toyota advises drivers to depress the brake pedal using firm pressure.

Q4: Which and how many vehicles are involved?
A4: There are approximately 2,378 Prius vehicles involved in Australia.

Q5: What is the production period of the affected vehicles?
A5: The vehicles specific to the Safety Recall were produced from January, 2009 through January 2010.

Q6: Are there any other Toyota or Lexus vehicles involved?
A6: Yes, there are approximately 14,550 Lexus HS250h vehicles involved in overseas markets.

Q6a: Why are first and second generation Prius vehicles not involved in this campaign?
A6a: The Prius ZVW30 is an all-new vehicle built from the ground-up. The ABS management program is different from the previous generation Prius vehicles.

Q6b: Why are other Toyota and Lexus Hybrids not involved?
A6b: ABS management programs for other models are different from the subject models.

Q7: What is Toyota going to do?
A7: Owners will be notified by mail commencing from 11th February. Toyota dealers will install a newly designed software update (reflash) to the ABS Actuator ECU at no charge to the vehicle owner.

Q7a: What should an owner do if they experience this condition before the ABS management program has been updated?
A7a: This condition only occurs momentarily during light pedal application at the moment the ABS system begins to activate. If an owner is experiencing this condition, he/she should firmly and steadily apply additional force to the brake pedal.

Q7b: What does this condition feel like?
A7b: If the brake pedal is lightly depressed on certain road surfaces such as icy or bumpy road, drivers may perceive a momentary reduction in braking performance.

Q8: Have any production changes been implemented?
A8: Yes, a production change was made to the ABS Actuator ECU at the end of January, 2010.

Q9: How many accidents have been reported?
A9: There have been no accidents reported in the Australian market


Toyota Australia advises that its dealers have attended to all vehicles associated with this recall campaign.

We wish to thank all customers for their co-operation and support in helping us complete this action.


For further information contact Toyota Customer Experience Centre on 1800 TOYOTA (1800 869 682).