Accidental Hero

The steering wheel is collapsible, should something nasty come in your way. Also, with the strength of a tough steel body, LandCruiser 70 models help protect you. Underneath that, a full steel chassis also makes for a strong, stable platform.

ABS Brakes

ABS is our world class Anti-skid Braking System , and comes standard across all Landcruiser-70 models. The system makes use of a combination of a hydraulic actuator and modern electronics in order to monitor the wheels during emergency braking. If the system detects that the wheels are beginning to lock, ABS automatically adjusts braking pressure to ease up the wheels and free the lock up. This helps assist the driver stay in control of the vehicle during hard braking or an emergency stop. You can always rely on Toyota's safety technology to help you out when you need it most.

Seatbelts and child restrain measure

Even in the 10 seat troop carrier, all seat positions get seatbelts. For the younger apprentices, CRS (Child Restraint System) upper tether anchors are included on the 4-door Wagon in the rear header section, so fitting child seats is a snap. Up front, Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) seatbelts come standard across the range for outer positions in the front cabin for greater safety.

4 Wheel disc brakes

Large, powerful disc brakes front and rear are ventilated for faster cooling and reduced fade, so LandCruiser pulls up quickly when the pressure's on. A load sensing and bypass valve helps even up the brake balance to compensate for heavy vehicle loads and help prevent rear wheel lock-up.

Immobiliser comes standard

All models come standard with an engine immobiliser, which is welcome news for your insurance company, but not for intruders.

Dual front SRS airbags

The LandCruiser 70 series comes standard with driver and front passenger SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbags on every model.

ANCAP Safety Rating

Meeting the highest international standards for driver, passenger and pedestrian protection, the Toyota LandCruiser Single Cab Chassis has been awarded the five-star ANCAP safety rating, based on a series of independent crash tests and safety assessments.