4.5 litre V8 that talks the torque

LandCruiser has more tow thanks to a quad cam, turbocharged and intercooled 4.5 litre Diesel V8 fitted as standard to every model in the range. A variable nozzle vane turbocharger ensures boost pressure continually adjusts in accordance with engine speed and other critical factors. So you have 151KW of power which is over 20% more than the previous class-leading LandCruiser 6-cylinder Turbo-Diesel. As for torque, a huge 430Nm of grunt is available all the way from 1200-3200 rpm.

Durability and guts

For the first time in a Toyota engine, this V8 boasts an oil scavenging pump working in conjunction with the primary oil pump, for better lubrication. The crankshaft is engineered from special high strength carbon steel for greater durability yet light weight, with balance weights added to reduce vibration. Even the pistons are made of aluminium alloy for lighter weight and reduced friction, which improves engine efficiency.

Leaner running costs

LandCruiser puts advanced technologies to work, delivering more power from less fuel, returning 11.9L/100Km for Troop Carrier, Double Cab Chassis & Wagon and an impressive 11.5L/100Km for Single Cab Chassis models[G1] . Direct injection improves fuel efficiency, roller rockers with needle bearings reduce internal friction, while water-cooled Exhaust Gas Recycling (EGR) helps reburn some of the exhaust gases. Little wonder this advanced V8 meets the strict Euro IV emissions standards, so LandCruiser will be as kind to the environment as it is to your hip pocket.

Transmission and suspension tricks

A 5-speed manual is fitted to all 70 series models with plenty of torque for towing or climbing. Smart thinking extends to a power steering system with a high capacity pump for easier manoeuverability. To help keep LandCruiser more manageable with less rock and roll, the front track is wider, and the front stabilizer bars are beefed up for greater rigidity.