The bold lines of LandCruiser 200 hide a formidable array of technological advances. And whether you're ducking down city streets, cruising the open road, or heading off road onto some of Australia's trickiest terrain, these intelligent technologies combine to create the ultimate 4WD experience, giving you control and delivering a surprisingly comfortable ride in the process.

LandCruiser 200 (excluding the GX and optional on the GXL Turbo-diesel) feature Toyota's innovative Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) [U2] .

KDSS [U2] is an advanced suspension control technology. On flat surfaces it helps ensure a more comfortable ride, while off-road it ensures impressive wheel articulation, helping generate optimum grip.

CRAWL-control [B10] with Turn Assist

Toyota's KDSS [U2] system is further enhanced by our CRAWL control [B10] system.

This control system automatically maintains a low, uniform speed to enable stable driving in extreme environments or on slippery, uneven surfaces. The Turn Assist function enhances the ability to turn sharply (such as when you need to do a 3-point turn on a narrow road) while maintaining a slow constant speed.

CRAWL [B10] allows you to focus on steering the LandCruiser 200 by automatically managing both acceleration and braking functions to precise levels. Data retrieved from each wheel ensures the smoothest possible control, even in the toughest of environments.