Kluger is a powerful, 7-seater SUV. It's powered by an awesome 3.5Litre V6 engine designed to deliver truly dynamic performance and cope effortlessly with all the demands you and the family put on it, including towing loads such as caravans or trailers.

Yet, in spite of the power and muscularity of Kluger, it offers respectable fuel economy. [G1]

Innovative Engine Technology

Kluger's dual VVT-i ( Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence ) engine technology monitors throttle demands to assess whether you are accelerating, cornering, slowing down or cruising. It continuously adjusts the timing of the fuel inlet and exhaust valves to optimize engine performance accordingly. Not only does this give you more power (Kluger generates 201kW), it also uses fuel more efficiently, delivering better mpg figures and lower CO2 emissions than many other cars in its class. [G1]

Respectable Consumption

Thanks to Toyota's innovative design and advanced engine technology, Kluger's fuel consumption is remarkably modest and it meets strict EURO V emission standards.

Here are the numbers model by model:

  • Kluger GX, GXL and Grande 2WD models achieve 10.2 l/100km [G1] fuel economy with CO2 emissions of 237 g/km
  • Kluger GXL and Grande AWD models achieve 10.6 l/100km [G1] fuel economy with CO2 emissions of 246 g/km

A combination of power, dynamic performance, a spacious interior and great fuel economy makes Kluger the ideal family SUV.