Kluger features a Reversing Camera[B4] as standard across the range. A wide-angle camera at the rear of the car automatically displays a clear image of what's behind you on the car's large audio touchscreen when you engage reverse gear.

The Reversing Camera[B4] makes it easier to manoeuvre into awkward spaces behind you and helps you to avoid minor scrapes and hard to see obstacles such as bollards, low walls and garden ornaments. So it's a great safety aid.

Back Guide Monitor

To make reversing even easier and safer, in Grande models the Reversing Camera[B4] features a Back Guide Monitor[B4], which superimposes predictive guidelines onto the Rear View Camera[B4] image. As you move the steering wheel, the guidelines also move to show you where you would go with the steering wheel in that position.

Reverse Parking Sensors

Kluger also features reverse parking sensors as standard across the range. These complement the Reversing Camera[B4], with a graphic showing how close you are to objects behind you and also sounding a buzzer as you draw closer.