Kluger comes with loads of useful storage compartments and spaces that are very handy for stowing all those things your family needs when you head out on the road.

The instrument panel shelf has been specially shaped to prevent items such your phones or and iPod®[G8] from slipping while you drive. There's also a handy access opening that enables you to run a charger cable or a USB lead neatly from devices stowed on the shelf to the 12v power outlet or the USB port on the console.

There are convenient places to securely stow sunglasses, books, keys, CDs, coins and travel snacks and there's a wide choice of compartments in the back to store sports stuff, toys and games.

There are door pockets on all doors and the centre console has enough space for a large handbag. To create more space, the console has a sliding door and even when it's open, it still functions as an armrest for the driver and front passenger.

Along with all these handy storage spaces, Kluger is also equipped with plenty of handy cup and bottle holders. The way handy storage space has been designed into Kluger is just one of the things that makes it the ideal choice as a family car.