Kluger Grande models feature an advanced Satellite Navigation[N1] system. This works hand in hand with the car audio system, with 3D graphics displayed on the 8" touchscreen and clear spoken instructions delivered in stereo sound.

The GPS enabled Satellite Navigation[N1] system can pinpoint your position to within a few metres and then calculate the most direct route to your destination.

Kluger's Satellite Navigation[N1] is easy to operate and the audio touchscreen displays 3 types of information simultaneously, allowing you to control music audio, spoken instruction volume and map view and scale.

Clear 3D images of selected local landmarks, help you to track your progress, while a selection of warning icons alert you to potential hazards such as school zones, rail crossings and high accident areas.

With Kluger's Satellite Navigation[N1] system working hand in hand with Toyota Link apps[TL1], finding your way couldn't be easier, which takes a great deal of the stress and hard work out of long trips. Especially when they involve navigating through unfamiliar towns and countryside.