Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive environment zero emissions

Aiming for zero emissions in the fight against car pollution

Zero emissions

Hybrid Synergy Drive® is a significant step forward in the fight to reduce car pollution. We have been continuously developing and improving the technology behind Hybrid Synergy Drive® for more than 30 years. Which is why our Hybrids are so highly advanced and why they can generate such low carbon emissions without sacrificing performance.

The power unit in a Toyota hybrid is in fact, two motors - a powerful electric motor and a state-of-the-art petrol combustion engine. The intelligence of Hybrid Synergy DriveŽ is its seamless response to driving situations and driver behaviour - it knows when you're stationary, accelerating, decelerating or cruising. And it delivers exactly the right combination of power from each source to give you responsive, dynamic performance with a fraction of the carbon emissions of a standard vehicle.

In fact, unlike the 'mild' hybrids from stables of other manufacturers', our Hybrid Synergy Drive® electric motor is powerful enough to drive the car by itself. So at low speeds, our hybrids generate zero carbon emissions.

However, thanks to our continuous improvement philosophy, we are committed to a constant search for ways to enhance Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology and reduce both car pollution and the overall carbon footprint of our cars. Hybrid Synergy Drive® already incorporates many innovations that help reduce car pollution - such as regenerative braking to capture energy normally lost during braking by converting kinetic energy to electrical energy, to charge and store energy in the hybrid battery which means you never need to plug the battery into the mains.

But our engineers will never rest on their laurels. They'll keep on aiming for zero carbon emissions and nil car pollution. So watch this space.