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Operating a Greener Fleet

Operating a Greener Fleet

Jemena Thinks Green

More than ever, Fleet operators and government departments are considering vehicle efficiency and overall environmental commitments in their vehicle decision. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges for our generation and that includes Australian businesses that run Fleets. According to David Buttner, Senior Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at Toyota, "The level of awareness of environmental issues in the Australian community is at an all-time high, and this is shown constantly in surveys and high levels of community interest." Australian utilities company Jemena is a leader in the management of energy infrastructure and the provision of energy-related products. The Jemena Group has a significant Fleet of 3,500 vehicles that includes passenger, light commercial and heavy commercial vehicles. Previously known as Alinta, the group changed its name in 2008 to Jemena which is an Aboriginal word meaning 'to hear, listen and think.' Jemena manages $8 billion worth of Australian utilities, employs 2,000 people and has three core businesses of electricity, gas and water. Toyota Fleet Management is proud to handle Jemena's Fleet. According to Jemena Fleet Manager, Domenic Gagliardi, "It is becoming more and more important to select vehicles based on their 'whole of life' costs and respective green credentials."

Evaluating Toyota Prius Hybrids

With such a significant Fleet, Domenic is very keen to explore alternatives that allow a reduction in CO2 emissions. That's why Toyota, Toyota Fleet Management and Jemena have worked together to structure a competitive lease facility for six Toyota Prius Hybrids. This lease facility allows Jemena to properly evaluate the benefits of Toyota's patented Hybrid Synergy Drive technology that has earned the Prius the highest rating of five stars on the Federal Government's Green Vehicle Guide. According to Domenic, "We have encouraged as many of the staff as possible to drive the six Prius vehicles." He said there had been a lot of positive feedback with specific comments about, "the exceptional fuel economy, the excellent city highway performance, the level of quietness, the roomy interior and the unmistakable Prius identity." Jemena is committed to the core values of safety, commitment, integrity and the environment. And Toyota Fleet Management is helping them meet these goals through a Toyota Fleet of vehicles, including the All New 3rd Generation Prius.

Fleet Buyer

Lower Costs Drove Stuart Alexander to Switch

Lower Costs Drove Stuart Alexander to Switch

Stuart Alexander & Company Pty Ltd has been marketing and distributing some of the world's favourite brands for over 120 years in Australia. These include such famous names as Tabasco® Sauce, Smint®, Werther's Original®, Mentos®, Fisherman's Friend®, and Guylian® Belgian Chocolates.

CFO David Slatyer explains the company's decision to switch their fleet of 47 cars to Toyota RAV4s. "We were looking for the fuel efficiency of a medium-size sedan and the storage capacity of an SUV - for everything our reps need to carry." Stuart Alexander wanted "a vehicle that suits the overall image of our brands - from Tabasco Sauce to Mentos" explained David Slatyer.

"Of course, when you are looking to replace about 50 vehicles, leasing and running costs add up." According to David, "It's really about what you'll be up for month after month, year on year. It soon became clear that, over the life of the lease, we would pay less with a fleet of RAV4s." For the distributors of some of Australia's most popular lollies, David said it was "the sweetest deal."

Now that all the negotiations are complete and the deal done, what does David Slatyer think about the ongoing customer service they are getting from Toyota? "I've had good feedback from various quarters about the friendliness and prompt response of the Toyota Dealerships who provide support and service for our RAV4s."

So what do the staff at Stuart Alexander, who now drive RAV4s, think of the switch? David replied, "I believe they are very happy with the change. The RAV4 is a great car and does everything you expect of it. No one has expressed any regrets. Quite the opposite. It's been one of management's more popular decisions."

"As the rest of the vehicles in the fleet come up for renewal, we'll be replacing them with RAV4s."

Stuart Alexander,
Fleet Buyer