Whole of Life Safety

Fleet Car Safety


Toyota helps to keep your employees and fleet safe on the road with many advanced safety features in all models. We design all our cars to be amongst the safest in their classes. Our tests are based on the toughest safety standards in Australia, Europe, Japan and the United States. The result is a unique benchmark of safety excellence known as the Global Outstanding Assessment.

Passive Safety

We employ many technologies to help avoid accidents, but sometimes they're unavoidable. That's when our passive safety features can help. These features include SRS air bags, and high integrity cabins with a rigid body structure designed to resist crumpling and deflect crash energy away from the car's occupants.

Active safety

We've also developed a comprehensive range of advanced active safety features. These fast-acting, computerised systems, such as Vehicle Stability Control (VST), Traction Control (TRC), Anti-skid Braking Systems (ABS) and Brake Assist (BA), automatically activate in emergency driving situations to help improve control and handling when it's most needed.

Don't gamble on fleet safety

If you want the assurance that your staff are driving cars with the highest safety standards, choose Toyota for your fleet.