For all your off road adventures, you need a powerful vehicle that you can rely on no matter where you're heading, or how much gear you want to take with you.

And when it comes to pulling power FJ Cruiser has a robust towing capacity of 2250kg[G6] - which enables you to carry considerable weight and easily tow boats, caravans and trailers.

Plus, thanks to its generous interior dimensions, there's plenty of room in the rear of the cabin for sports equipment, camping gear, and extra luggage as well as your passengers.

All this makes the FJ Cruiser your ideal partner for true off road adventures.

Removable seat cushions for extra room

Inside the FJ Cruiser, there's plenty of room for up to five adults. However, if you only have two passengers and want extra luggage space, the rear seats cushions have been designed to be easily and quickly removable - creating an area for extra cargo.