Most things about the design of the FJ Cruiser have been created with tough, 4WD adventures in mind, and not only for you, but for your mates too.

This includes two rear access doors - which make it easy for rear seat passengers to get in and out. When the front doors of the FJ Cruiser are opened, the rear access doors can be opened - leaving enough room for passengers to quickly climb through.

There's also a handy assist grip bar on the rear seat of both the driver and front seat passenger, which rear seat passengers can use when climbing in and out of the vehicle.

These rear access doors also add to the FJ Cruiser's unique, rugged design.

Plenty of room for extra passengers, or extra cargo

When it comes to the interior of the FJ Cruiser, you'll find a space that is flexible, hard wearing and versatile.

Various rear seat configurations enables you to carry additional passengers - or extra equipment, or a combination of the two.

Loading and unloading luggage is easy too

Packing all the equipment you need for your 4WD adventure is also made easy with the FJ Cruiser's rear luggage door that's vertically hinged which opens at a full 90 degree angle. There's also a luggage door strut that enables you to lock the door when it's fully open - meaning packing and unpacking the car is a breeze.

Plus, you'll also notice a glass rear door hatch - which enables you to access gear in the back of the car without opening the door.