Toyota FJ Cruiser features rear differential lock

Rear Differential Lock, for off road traction

When heading off road, and into more challenging terrain, you can choose to activate the Rear Differential Lock when 4WD is engaged. This restricts the movement of the differential - and ensures traction is optimised on slippery or uneven surfaces.

Activating this off road mode is quick and easy, thanks to a switch that's conveniently located on your dashboard.

Part-time 4WD

No matter how much you love getting in the thick of it off road, it's likely that your FJ Cruiser will spend much of its time travelling in or around town on sealed road surfaces.

For this reason, part time 4WD capability allows you to switch to 4WD depending on the type of terrain you're driving on.

This helps to save fuel, and drive in the most suitable way on any given surface.

Active Traction Control (A-TRC)

Active Traction Control (A-TRC)  is a smart technology that works to provide additional handling and control when tackling off road situations. Since every environment is different and requires a different driving style. It can be used as an alternative to activating the rear diff lock.

Active Traction Control (ATRC)

This system dynamically distributes the torque to each wheel as well as regulates brake pressure, eliminating wheel-spin and ensuring that the tyres with the best grip always help the driver to keep the vehicle in motion. The system automatically adjusts to the transfer range selected no matter what sort of driving conditions you tackle.

Traction Control (TRC)

Traction Control

System designed to maximise safety when accelerating on slippery road surfaces or when the available grip differs from one side of the vehicle to the other (such as when two wheels are on a gravel or grass verge). Operated by controlling the throttle and/or applying the brakes to any wheel that is slipping. Image shown for illustration purposes only.

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