Electric cars - Toyota's powerful Hybrid Range

Toyota Hybrid Technology - Electric and Petrol Power Combined

Toyota's world leading Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology combines a powerful electric motor with a petrol engine to deliver excellent fuel economy and low CO2 emissions.

Because the electric motor is charged by the petrol engine, it never needs plugging in and because the petrol engine kicks in when the most power is needed (on the highway or during acceleration) our Hybrids offer truly dynamic performance and can go anywhere a petrol engine model can go.

The smart hybrid technology is so clever that when you're driving in slow, stop-start traffic in 'EV' mode (Electric Vehicle) or stopped at the lights, which are both prime polluting situations for ordinary cars, our hybrids effectively use zero fuel and create zero CO2 emissions.

The Toyota Hybrid Range

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We produced the Prius, the world's first mass produced hybrid car in 1997. Today, we offer a range of hybrids, bringing the benefits of combining excellent fuel economy, low CO2 emissions and dynamic performance to a wider variety of motorists. These include:

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If you like the idea of a car that combines the performance of a petrol engine with the environmental benefits of an electric motor, visit the Hybrids pages of our website and when you have decided which is the right model for you, find your nearest approved dealer and Book A Test Drive.

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