The 11th Toyota Dream Car Winners Announced

Thank you to over 3500 Australian entrants who took the time to draw or paint a picture of the car of their dreams and enter it into the 11th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.

We were extremely impressed with the wonderful ideas and creative skills that went into the artworks received this year.

The judges have chosen the following three entries in each of the three age categories as Australian finalists. These young artists will each receive a $750 Apple Store Gift Card. Their entries have been sent to Japan to be entered in the World Contest which will be judged in the middle of the year.

Good luck to all nine Australian entrants in the World Contest and stay tuned to see if you are the winner of a trip to Japan!

A huge thank you also to the parents, guardians, and over 110 schools and teachers who took the time to support and encourage involvement in the Art Contest.

Congratulations to the following schools who will each receive a special $2,000 cash prize for being one of the top three schools that submitted the highest number of entries:

• Manchester Primary School, VIC

• Narre Warren North Primary School, VIC

• Paraburdoo Primary School, WA

We will be awarding Faber-Castell School Thank You Packs valued at over $300 RRP to schools who were among the first 100 classes to submit 10 or more entries. Keep an eye out - these will be sent out in the coming weeks.

Congratulations again to the nine Australian finalists, from Toyota Australia.

Australian Finalists



My Flood Preventing Car

My Dream Car saves people when they are in a flood. If the car sees anyone in water, it will quickly go “peep peep” and rescue them.


My Eco-Friendly Car

My Dream Car has a special wheels and road based on a solar system. My car has special features including special wheels that have solar panels too. When these wheels touch the solar road it creates energy automatically. And on top of the tyre there are special springs on the steel frame that help to transfer energy into the engine. We can create a very friendly environment using this system (trees, birds and our air). If we build this system for the whole world, it might be a very safe place.


My Five Senses Car

I get bored in the car so I have designed a car that my five senses will love! My car sings to my ears, smells the flowers, tastes the ice cream and sprinkles, looks colourful like rainbows and makes me feel amazing! And I have games to touch and feel on the back of the seats. I wish my car was real.

8–11 YEARS


Citrus Factory Processing Plant Car

The idea behind my Dream Car is that the car harvests citrus fruits and processes it into things like orange juice, lemonade, sweets, marmalade, citrus oil, etc. Once finished, it will be packed and ready to be distributed to the market. It’s a very efficient and multi function car for citrus farmers.


Toyota Dream Orphanage Car

My Dream Car is a mobile orphanage car. It rescues children who have no one to look after them. This unicorn-shaped car will whisk children away from the neglected surroundings to a magical dreamland filled with happiness and love to create good memories. It provides food, accommodation, medical care, education and more. The children will be taught life skills so they can build a better future.



My car travels at exactly 299,796,458 meters per second or “the speed of light” itself. Since my car travels at the speed of light, it moves so fast that you can simply travel back and forward in time. As you can see, the car is currently in the middle of traveling into the future. The floating images are some of the important inventions that have changed the world.

12–15 YEARS


Organic Food Making Eagle Car

The car has advanced equipment (robotic arm) to grow/plant organic foods such as vegetables, fruit, cows for milk, chickens/ducks for eggs, and distribute to people in need. It is an eco-friendly car with a solar panel on it’s wings for energy savings. It also cleans/refreshes the air and filters rain water for watering plants and drinking.


The Eco-Friendly Ozonic Car

My Dream Car can fly and also travel on any terrain. It saves energy by flying over the traffic. It runs on water but can also run on petrol or electricity. This car creates an artificial ozone layer with water. It also has a time travel option.


The Crab Cab

The design of my car is inspired by the beach. My Dream Car is created to reduce rubbish landfill, the main source of fuel is waste and rubbish. The car has many features such as solar panels to create electricity for functions like airconditioning, lights and radio. There are three rows of comfortable seats for the passengers. The Crab Cab helps the environment, is comfortable, has lots of functions and most importantly it allows you to travel.

Special Mentions

Special congratulations to Cecilia Cheah and Grace Nguyen for being Australian Finalists for the second year!

A special congratulations should also be made to the Fields and Teh families, who have had a different family member amongst the finalists in multiple years. Well done and thank you to these talented families!

Toyota Australia appreciates the support of every person who became involved in the Art Contest this year and hopes that you all consider entering again when the 12th Dream Car Art contest is announced later in the year. Thank you!