Thank you to nearly 400 Australian entrants who took the time to draw or paint a picture of the car of their dreams and enter it into the 10th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.

Thank you also to the parents, guardians, schools and teachers who took the time to support and encourage this very worthwhile initiative.

The judges were very impressed with the ideas and creative skills that went into the artworks received this year.

The judges have chosen the following three entries in each of the three age categories as the Australia winners. These budding artists will each receive a Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet. Their entries have been sent to Toyota in Japan to be entered in the World Contest which will be judged in the middle of the year. Good luck to all nine Australian entrants and stay tuned to see if you are a winner.

Here are the nine Australian finalists.


Felix Chytra

The Helping Car

“This helping car helps the needy people by delivering food, water and clean clothes. Provides shower system for them too! It also captures bad people and collect rubbish to clean up the environment.”

Savannah Lauri

Relaxing Holiday Car

“My car’s job is to help you relax, dance and cool-down. It has a pool on the car roof. That helps you relax and sing at the same time. I also have another microphone it also helps you relax at the same time but you sit on an invisible bench. My car also has some more! I have a dump this is how it works... you put things in a bin like banana-peels, empty oil bottles, apple cores and batteries. It will go in to the dump and then into the dump-truck. I have got a disco-room. It has a mirror ball. It has indigo, green and red on it. In the ball room I have a microphone in front of the music-player. You know what I wrote about the relaxing, singing, sitting thing? Well that attaches to the microphone and you can hear their voices from the microphone! How fantastic and relaxing is that? I lastly in my car I have a beginners-pool. It has warm water in there. The warm water travels to the big pool. I also have a background. The background is fire-works popping up in the sky and the truck on holiday.”

Eleni Fillis

Underwater Car

“My underwater car can help clean up rubbish from the ocean and at the same time can provide a good marine life education to the children.”

8-11 YEARS

Georgia Fields

The Emoji Car

“My Emoji Car spreads happiness to the people, animals and environment. The emoji bubbles come out of the exhaust and pop on them. My car has constant internet connection for unlimited emojis and unlimited happiness.”

Jollie Chan

Dragonfly Car

“The Dragonfly car can fly in the sky with solar energy. It has big water tank (body) which allows it to water the fire (house on fire or bushfire) as well as plants. This is cost saving and efficient.”

Grace Nguyen

Glowing Dragonfly Rescue Car

“This car emits solar-powered glow when its dark and rescues people who lost their homes due to disaster. They can ride in the compartments behind the drivers. It also gives out solar-powered light balls (with food and other things inside) to people who still have homes but no power/electricity.”

12-15 YEARS

Daniel Teh

Mobile Friend Multipurpose Leisure Car

“This car is flexible and can travel to everywhere in the world either on the land, sky or sea. It has all the facilities such as tent, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, mini theatre which is very useful for family holidays. It uses solar energy for environmental friendly.”

Dierdre Arkanne Palescka

Lightweight and Fireproof Car

“My dream car is designed to help people in preventing and handling bushfire, ecofriendly. The materials used to extinguish the fire is made of carbon dioxide from polluting sources of fire that transformed into foam. The car is designed lightweight and fireproof, so it can get into the bush in the affected area. It also capable of running on land and air. The more people own this car, the more humans, animals and bushfires are saved from fire especially in summer.”

Cecilia Cheah

Toyota Car of Sounds

“The idea behind my dream car is that the car gets energy from sounds on streets from people, animals and music. This source of energy is renewable which is great for the environment.”


St. Patricks Catholic School in Sutherland Sydney, supported the contest well and were rewarded for their efforts with two winners in the Under 8 years category: Felix and Eleni. Congratulations to you both. Also thank you to Art Teacher, Ms Phua-Ng for your support.

Special congratulations also goes to the Teh family, who have had a family member amongst the winners for two years running. Daniel’s entry was awarded gold in the 12-15 years category this year. Well done and thank you.

Toyota Australia appreciates the support of every person who became involved in the recent Art contest and hopes that you all consider entering again when the 11th Dream Car Art contest is announced towards the end of 2016. Thank you.

Inspire the world with your dreams...