Ethanol / Blended Fuel and Your Daihatsu

The following Daihatsu models imported to Australia by Daihatsu Australia (A Division of Toyota Motor Corporation Australia) will operate satisfactorily on petrol fuel blended with 10% ethanol (E10):

Model Name Model Code From Vehicle Production Date (inclusive):
Charade L251 September 2004
Terios J102 September 2004
Copen L880 October 2004
Sirion M301 November 2004

Use of Ethanol blends greater than 10% are not approved or recommended on any of the above listed Daihatsu models.

Daihatsu Australia does not approve or recommend the use of ethanol blended fuel on any other Daihatsu vehicles except those specifically listed above due to possible incompatibility with the fuel system materials and vehicle drivability issues.