We all have our perfect driving position, but with standard rail adjusted seats it can be hard to find it.

In Camry Hybrid and Camry Atara grades, the driver has an electric 8-way adjustable seat. This provides an almost infinite number of adjustments, including recline, up, down, backwards and forwards, so finding the best driving position couldn't be easier.

In Camry Atara SL and Camry HL there's a driver's seat memory function, so if someone else has been driving your Camry, it only takes seconds to get the seat right back where you want it again. Plus the front passenger has an electric 4-way adjustable seat so the driver is not the only one to travel in comfort and style.

The seating in Camry has been designed to be extremely comfortable and to mould around the body with the seatback height and cushion fashioned to optimise seatback pressure distribution in order to provide a more comfortable seating posture and help reduce fatigue.

The steering column features tilt and reach adjustment for angle and reach, so you can really fit the car around you for more comfortable, controlled driving.