The Camry swallows suitcases and shopping bags with ease thanks to a large boot capacity.

In fact, in Camry the ample boot capacity and smart storage spaces keep all of those items out of the way.

In Camry's boot, you'll find a full size spare wheel, so if you're unlucky enough to get a puncture you can change the tyre and carry on driving at normal speeds until you get the original wheel repaired or changed.

Carrying shopping or open bags is simpler with Camry. There's plenty of space and there's a handy shopping hook to hold carrier bags securely upright and reduce the chance of shopping being spread all over the boot.

In Camry HL and Camry H, the Hybrid battery has been moved forward by 100mm and the cooling duct has been repositioned to create more generous boot space that is both wider and deeper than in previous models, making it easier to load and increasing capacity to carry luggage and shopping.