Toyota Camry - Vehicle Stability control, (VSC)

Vehicle Stability Control

Vehicle Stability Control

Camry is equipped with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)  and Traction Control (TRC)  to give the driver more control and enhance traction during acceleration and cornering. These two safety technologies work together to deliver a smoother, safer drive.

Vehicle Stability Control is a driving dynamics system, which increases driver control protection during sudden handling changes or slippage of tyres. The VSC system helps to ensure stability by automatically adjusting the brake force of each wheel individually when the vehicle experiences over steer or under steer during cornering, or in reaction to an emergency.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

System that ensures control in cornering situations the way ABS does under braking and TRC does under acceleration. The VSC system utilises electronic sensors in conjunction with the ABS and TRC hardware to help control any potential understeer or oversteer situations. Understeer is when the vehicle loses front-wheel traction and wants to push forward nose first. Oversteer is when the rear wheels lose traction and the tail begins to slide.

Traction Control (TRC)

Traction Control

System designed to maximise safety when accelerating on slippery road surfaces or when the available grip differs from one side of the vehicle to the other (such as when two wheels are on a gravel or grass verge). Operated by controlling the throttle and/or applying the brakes to any wheel that is slipping. Image shown for illustration purposes only.

[T8] Maximum payable for Camry (post Nov 2011 production), Camry Hybrid (post Feb 2012 production) and Aurion(post Feb 2012 production) for standard scheduled servicing (normal operating conditions) until first of 4 years or 75,000kms (up to the first 5 services). Excludes Government & Rental vehicles. Contact your Toyota Dealer or go to