You can't always see what's coming, but Camry Atara SL and Camry HL have eyes where you don't.

Even with properly adjusted side mirrors, adjacent vehicles may enter blind spot areas that are outside of the driver's view.

Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)[B4] uses 'sub-millimetre' radars to monitor these blind spots. Should you indicate to change lanes, the system will alert you to vehicles that are hiding in the blind spot zones, via illuminating warning indicators on the appropriate side mirror. Knowing what's around your vehicle is key to confident driving.

The Blind Spot Monitor [B4] system automatically activates at speeds over 40km/h and is sensitive enough to detect smaller vehicles and motorcycles. It's also clever enough to ignore vehicles that are stationary, more than one lane away or headed in the opposite direction.

This leading edge safety technology is just one more example of the attention to detail that makes Camry Atara SL and Camry Hybrid Luxury such intelligent and sophisticated vehicles.