Along with the dynamic 2.5L dual VVT–i engine, petrol Camry features a six speed, electronically controlled sequential shift transmission.

In Camry Atara models, the transmission is also complemented by quick response paddle shift technology.

Select ‘D’ mode and forget about changing gears, just relax and let the six speed gearbox automatically do it all for you seamlessly. Alternatively, flick the gear shift into Sports ‘S’ mode and take full control of gear changes with lightning fast manual upshifts and downshifts, and no need to ever take your foot off the accelerator.

Slowing is just as dynamic – as you shift down in ‘S’ mode the throttle seamlessly ‘blips’ to smooth the change while at the same time making it quicker. Even in ‘ D’ mode you can still use the paddle shifts for engine braking, in order to enter a corner at just the right speed for example, or to keep control on a steep hill descent without tiring the brakes.

Camry Atara’s paddle shift technology is highly responsive, enabling you to switch from a relaxed, sophisticated driving experience to full–on sports driving in a heartbeat. And all the time you can keep your hands on the wheel.