Fuel Economy

Camry has an aerodynamic package inspired by Formula 1 racing, which improves performance and helps make the car more efficient.

In Camry Altise and Camry Atara, a highly efficient Dual VVT-i engine delivers excellent fuel economy (7.9L/100km)[G1]. All-petrol Camry models are also fitted with an ECO indicator to help you squeeze the most possible mileage out of each tank of petrol.

In Hybrid models, the aerodynamic styling combined with a Hybrid Engine delivers fuel economy of 5.2L/100km[G1]. You can also choose to drive in ECO Mode - which automatically controls throttle inputs and optimises the air conditioning system for improved fuel economy.

Fuel System

All Camrys run on 91 RON unleaded petrol and are compatible with E10 fuel.

Petrol-only models have a fuel tank capacity of 70 litres, while Hybrid vehicles have 65 litre tanks.

Hybrid models are powered by a hybrid petrol-electric engine. The electric motor never needs plugging in to charge as it automatically receives all the charge it needs in normal motoring and through reclaimed energy whenever the vehicle slows or brakes.


The advanced Dual VVT-i engine technology and aerodynamic package that helps make Camry Altise and Camry Atara models so fuel-efficient also results in lower emissions (183gm/km)[G1] . The Hybrid Engines produce even lower emissions at (121gm/km)[G1].