Camry acoustic insulation technology makes for a quieter ride, while allowing full appreciation of Camry's powerful speaker system.

Camry Altise, Atara S, Atara SX and Camry H feature six speakers comprised of two 18cm full range speakers in the rear, two 18cm full range speakers in the front sides and two 6.5cm tweeters integrated in the dash to pick out the high notes.

In Camry Atara SL and Camry HL, there is a premium JBL 5.1 channel surround system incorporating ten speakers distributed in key positions around the car, giving everyone in the vehicle a truly superb audio experience.

In Camry Atara SL and Camry HL, JBL Premium audio speakers deliver sound so efficiently that sound output is far more powerful than conventional speakers using the same amount of current. The excellent dynamics and enhanced sound resolution offer great listening pleasure.

The side instrument panel speakers are Unity speakers which integrate a high-range speaker and a mid-range speaker in a lightweight, space-efficient design. And because the sound sources have the same origin and sound is emitted on the same axis, the result, is clear and unskewed sound.

The centre instrument panel speaker and rear surround speakers are wide dispersion speakers. These give directional performance for an expanded sweet spot and deliver a natural sound stage feeling.