Camry petrol and Hybrid models are fitted with a multimedia system, which has a powerful six speaker or a surround sound ten speaker audio unit (depending on model), capable of playing music from a variety of devices. This is combined with hands-free mobile phone compatibility[G5]. Both Atara SX and SL feature Satellite Navigation[N1] with SUNA™ Live Traffic Updates[G7 ] and Toyota Link[TL1] [TL9] as well as Digital Radio (DAB+)[B3].

Powerful Audio

Steering wheel mounted audio controls give you instant access to audio devices, allowing you to adjust volume, change tracks and switch between audio devices without taking a hand off the wheel.

The audio unit in Camry Altise and Atara S provides a 6.1" touch screen as standard with a Reversing Camera[B4].

To fully immerse yourself in the digital experience, check out the Camry Atara SX and Atara SL with a surround-sound ten speaker audio system and a 7" touch screen display. You can listen to Digital Radio (DAB+)[B3], find your way around with Satellite Navigation[N1] and avoid traffic with the SUNA™ Live Traffic Updates[G7] and Toyota Link[TL1].

Digital Radio (DAB+)[B3]

The audio system in Camry Atara SX and Atara SL incorporate Digital Radio (DAB+)[B3]. This offers more stations, high quality sound and the option to pause and rewind a broadcast so you can relive a favourite show or goal when you’re on the move.

CD Player

The audio system in Camry includes an MP3 compatible[G5] single disc CD player across the range.

MP3 Player

Camry audio units also include an AUX input jack for some MP3 players[G5].


All Camry audio units offer Bluetooth® [B5] connectivity for media streaming as well as a USB port for selected USB devices [G5] including some iPod® [G5] models.


The audio unit in the Altise and Atara S models produce crystal clear sounds through a wraparound six-speaker system.

If you're a sound connoisseur, you'll love the ten speaker JBL premium unit in the Atara SX and SL. With a JBL Matrix 5.1 channel surround system, 7" display unit and Satellite Navigation[N1] with real time traffic updates, you’ll be able to adjust your trip to the length of your playlist with ease.

SUNA™ Live Traffic Updates[G7]

In the Camry Atara SX and SL, the SUNA™ Live Traffic Updates[G7] keeps you up to date with road conditions on planned routes courtesy of the Satellite Navigation System[N1]. When it spots potential traffic jams or accidents, the Satellite Navigation[N1] can recommend the best route to take so your journey can continue with minimum delay.

Bluetooth® [B5]

Bluetooth® [B5] connectivity across all Camrys gives you the freedom to make hands-free mobile calls. Incoming calls can be taken and heard over the audio system.

Hands-Free Mobile Calls

Simply take a few minutes to register your compatible mobile phone with Camry's audio system [G5] and you can make and receive hands-free mobile calls with Bluetooth® [B5].

Satellite Navigation[N1]

In Camry Atara SX and Atara SL, Satellite Navigation[N1] provides clear graphics on the 7" audio display and clear instructions through the ten speaker surround sound audio system.