Australian Cars

Camry and Aurion.
Built by Australians for Australians.

Toyota Australia is proud to employ some of the most dedicated, passionate and skillful people in the country. Our employees are the heart and soul of the company. They're the people who build the cars you drive and make the Toyota experience truly special.

There are so many stories, and so much history in the Toyota family. We wanted to tell the stories of the everyday Aussies who build our Toyotas here in Australia. Have a listen to just some of these inspiring stories.

Mark Halliwell | Assembly Quality Control | Group Leader | 16 years at Toyota
Mark Halliwell
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“Even though I'm a small part of seeing something come to life, I'm proud to be that small part.”

With sixteen years at Toyota under his belt, Mark is one of the stalwarts of the factory. As Final Assembly Quality Control, his involvement is critical. He takes great pride in knowing that every car that rolls off the production line has been quality checked by him in person.

Mary Currenti | Parts Distribution Centre | Administration Coordinator | 30 years at Toyota
Mary Currenti
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“My connection with Toyota started before I was born, when my grandfather started working for Toyota.”

The matriarch of the Toyota family, Mary has an impressive 50 years of company Christmas parties under her belt, having attended as a child with her family to nowadays organising them herself. Mary's son now works at the factory too, making it four generations of her family to have marched through the factory gates.

Dalia Gracia | Production Control Division | Planning Administration | 18 years at Toyota
Dalia Gracia
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“This is our company. We helped make this tick, and this work.”

Dalia's first job was hand-sewing the seats of the cars as they made their way down the assembly line. In the 18 years since then she's become an integral part of the Toyota team, seeing her fellow employees as an extension of her own family.

Frank Baldwin | Weld Shop | Operations Manager | 34 years at Toyota
Frank Baldwin
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“I want this to be known as my first job and my last job.”

Frank's got Toyota in his genes. His old man worked here for over 40 years. After his dad persuaded him to meet with Toyota about a job on his last day of school, Frank figured he'd stick it out for a few months, save some money, buy a car and that'd be it. That was 34 years ago.

Guy Morton | Paint Shop | Maintenance Group Leader | 10 years at Toyota
Guy Morton
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“As soon as I walked in, I knew this was where I wanted to be.”

A self-proclaimed car nut, Guy's obsession with all things auto was realised when he joined the company over 10 years ago. Guy applies a keen eye for detail to everything he does, ensuring he's proud of every car that leaves the factory on his watch.

Stan Lazaridis | Paint Shop | Team Member | 10 years at Toyota
Stan Lazaridis
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“Nothing comes to you. You've got to go and get it. You've got to go after life..”

A born perfectionist, Stan approaches every car on the production line as if it were his own. After painting matchbox cars as a kid, he grew up to hone his skills on the real thing. With a decade at Toyota under his belt, Stan now works on the sealer line.

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