Toyota Live RAV4WARD for 48 Hours Challenge


The Ultimate All-New RAV4 Adventure

Over 48 hours, 5 teams faced their fears and pushed themselves to the limit in the ultimate adventure. The contestants fought it out through a series of tough challenges for the chance to win an All-New RAV4.

Part 1: Get me out of here

The ultimate adventure begins. 48 hours, 5 teams and 1 All-New RAV4 up for grabs.

Meet the contestants and watch to see if they pass the first challenge of literally living all day and night inside an All-New RAV4.

Part 2: The Race Is On

As the All-New RAV4 adventure continued, the contestants were ready to take on another day of difficult challenges. From rolling across the MCG to wrestling a football legend, these teams would stop at nothing to win an All-New RAV4.

Part 3: The Stage Is Set

As the ultimate All-New RAV4 adventure came to a close, the contestants faced their toughest challenge of the competition. Find out who faced their fears to claim the top prize - an All-New RAV4.