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The 86 packs a lot of excitement, that we know. But as a Toyota, it also packs a great service package. Toyota Service Advantage offers you genuine Toyota servicing at a low-cost, capped priced. With Toyota Service Advantage you get capped price servicing on the first three years of servicing after purchase or the first 60,000km[J7], whichever occurs first. It's a thrill your wallet will love.

Capped Price Servicing

When you take a new 86 in for a service at a Toyota Service Centre, you'll pay only $180. That capped price extends for each of the first four eligible logbook services in your first 3 years of ownership or the first 60,000km, whichever occurs first. All of which means, you can focus on the driving, rather than worry about service costs.


Toyota Service Advantage gives you everything you'd expect with a Genuine Toyota service, but at a capped price. We recommend the 86 is serviced every 9 months or 15,000kms. These Standard Scheduled Services are included in Toyota Service Advantage.

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With Toyota Service Advantage, you always know what you're going to be paying. We want the experience of owning a new 86 to be as great as it is to drive one, and that includes reliable servicing at a reliable price.

Toyota trained technicians who know 86

Who better to work on an 86 than someone who works on Toyotas day in and day out? Toyota trained technicians understand the 86 better than anyone else, which means not only are they better equipped to service an 86 but they can also give you precise answers about operating an 86 and talk to you about how best to look after the car.

Specialist Toyota diagnostic equipment

If you're considering a precision car like the 86, consider precision servicing. We've developed specialist equipment that our technicians use in every service they do. Because the equipment was developed specifically for Toyota cars, it means that any problems are more likely to get fixed the right way, the first time you come in.

Toyota 86 technical updates straight from the factory

Simply put, we're the experts at looking after 86s. Toyota technicians have the most up-to-date information about 86 cars direct from their factory. Our technicians also receive training from the same people who make the Toyota 86.

Servicing with Toyota Genuine parts

The 86 is as pure as they come - keep it that way with Toyota Genuine parts. Other service centres often use generic parts, but at Toyota service centres, we use Toyota Genuine parts with a 12 month warranty[T2] to help ensure that the 86 continues to deliver as it should.