Born on the Track

The 86 has been designed to bring back the joys of sports car driving, and it takes sport car driving to new levels of raw, out and out exhiliration.

Tested on the Track

Every aspect of the car has been developed, tried, tested and refined with feedback from professional drivers on a variety of demanding race tracks and in all conditions (Such as Fuji Speedway and Shibets in Japan and the Nürburgring in Germany).

A Chassis that Copes off Camber

The difficult 7.7km Nürburgring circuit has several off camber corners, which have seen off many a sports car chassis. But the 86 has an incredibly stiff chassis, minimising body flex. Safe to say, the 86 passed with flying colours.


With the 86's rear-wheel drive configuration and the balance point being just front of middle (stationary weight distribution is 53:47), it's easy to adjust the weight balance of the car with a touch on the brakes or the throttle.

In addition, the 86's ultra-low centre of gravity and stiff, flex-resistant chassis, help ensure that all four wheels stay glued to the ground.