6-Speed Manual Transmission

The 86 features a gearbox developed by Aisin, a specialized Toyota company, to deliver a crisp, sports driving feel. The gear ratios are optimised to help the 86 squeeze as much performance as possible from each ounce of fuel.

86 performance drivetrain manual ratio 536x86

6-Speed Multi-Mode Automatic Transmission

A wide gear ratio range has been adopted to allow superb acceleration from low speeds and excellent fuel efficiency at high speeds.

86 performance drivetrain auto ratio 536x86

Toyota Dynamic Vehicle Stability Control - VSC & VSC Sport

The 86 is equipped with Toyota Dynamic Vehicle Stability Control. This system gives you 5 different drive modes, allowing you to select varying degrees of Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRC) support.

Drive Modes

The automatic transmission is packed with sports driving features. When you switch from 'D' range to 'M' range, you can manually shift the gears up and down.

In Sport mode, the lock up control kicks in at low speeds and gear changes become faster. In 'D' range driving, Sport mode controls the vehicles response based on throttle inputs. In 'M' range driving, Sport mode provides an even higher level of sporty driving.

Paddle Shift Technology

Automatic Transmission GTS models are fitted with paddle shift switches on the steering wheel. So in 'M' mode, as well as using the shift lever you can change gears with the flick of a switch.

Toyota Shift Precision Control (TSPC)

The 86 features a high response gear change control system. In M-range driving and SPORT mode, this system works in cooperation with the engine to prioritise responsiveness during upshifts, producing extremely fast gear changes.


The 86's suspension is designed to be as light and rigid as possible in order to aid agility and to offer the driver the kind of feedback and sporty road feel that makes you feel that you're part of the car.

A MacPherson Strut layout was developed for the front suspension.

A specially adapted double wishbone system with a strengthened subframe and enhanced rigidity is used for the rear suspension, helping to give the 86 excellent grip and stability.

Limited Slip Differential

All 86 grades feature a Torsen®[J6] Limited Slip Differential. This helps make the car more responsive and increases line-tracing performance on corners.