Small Diameter Steering Wheel

The sports steering wheel in the 86 was developed and tested out on track. The design is the result of input from professional drivers.

Fast Steering Inputs

To enable fast steering inputs, the 86 is fitted with the smallest diameter steering wheel in the entire Toyota range at just over 14" across. The grip cross-section and concave grooved thumb rests on the inner rim, help ensure you have a good grip on the wheel.

13.1:1 Steering Rack Ratio

The 86 features a steering rack ratio of 13.1:1 which is on a par with most racing cars and enables the 86 to respond quickly to steering inputs.

Uncluttered Design

The focus in the 86 is on sports driving, so the steering wheel is completely uncluttered. There are no steering wheel mounted controls. And the wheel is designed to make it easy to see the instruments on the dashboard.

Personal Fitting

The 86's tilt and telescopic steering column offers a range of adjustments to enable you to create the ideal steering wheel angle and position to suit your body. The low column angle (16 degrees) gives you a steering position in line with the low hip point and the wheel can be adjusted up/down/forwards and backwards and has a tilt range of 15mm.

Power Steering

Power steering in the 86 is designed to provide assistance where it's needed such as when maneuvering into a tight garage space or on a tight circuit bend. But the system only provides the minimum additional force necessary so that feedback from the road and feeling for car behavior is never compromised.