A Cockpit Built Around The Driver

The cockpit of the 86 is focused on the driver and designed to deliver the best possible driving experience. The layout is stylish, simple and uncluttered with no unnecessary features or embellishments. With a sports steering wheel, and subtle styling details like Toyota's signature T-mesh.

At One with the Car

The instrument panel in the 86 is laid out so that everything is where the driver wants it - and at the right angle. The low driving position and instrument panel layout combine to help you feel at one with the car.

Read at a Glance

The 86 features a combination three-ring meter with a centrally located tachometer. In the GTS grade, the central tachometer also features a digital speedometer.

In the manual GTS grade, there is also a shift light that shows the optimum time for upshifts.

Toggle Control

Air conditioning can be controlled by a toggle switch, allowing air temperature and blower speed to be set intuitively, simply by rotating, tilting and pressing the toggle switch on the dashboard. In the GTS grade, there's dual zone Automatic Climate Controlled Air Conditioning.