Sports Driving Position

The 86 has been created for those who know the fun of driving a true sports car. With a driving position designed to enhance your driving experience.

Maintaining an Ultra-Low Centre of Gravity

The 86's ultra-low centre of gravity combined with the rear-wheel drive configuration, make it a truly exciting sports car to drive. Especially out on the track where its attributes make it ideal for track days.

The position of the driver and front passenger has a significant effect on the car's balance. For this reason, the front seats have been positioned as close to the middle of the car and as low as possible. In fact the hip point is just 400mm above the road surface.

As a result of this low driving position, 86 allows you to really 'feel' the road, making it seem like driver and car are one and the same.

Optimum Driving Position

In many ordinary road cars, the bonnet shape helps the driver judge exactly where the front of their vehicle is and the driver has an eye-line that is angled slightly downward. 86 is different. The bonnet is shaped to optimise aerodynamic performance and from the driving seat, your eye-line is straight ahead; helping you to focus on the next bend.

Tilt and Telescopic Steering Column

The low angle of the steering column allows the driver to sit at the ideal angle and adds to the feeling of being more a part of the car than simply its driver; the steering wheel can be adjusted up, down, forwards and backwards until it fits the driver perfectly.