Balanced for Responsive Handling

The 86 has an ultra-low centre of gravity with a weight balance slightly forward of mid-vehicle when stationary. This makes the car incredibly agile and highly sensitive to driver commands.

53:47 Front-to-Rear Weight Balance

The heavier components of the 86 have been carefully positioned as low and close to the centre of the car as possible. The oil pan has been specially designed and the steering rack has been cleverly positioned to allow the horizontally-opposed Boxer engine to be placed low down and close to the centre of the vehicle. In addition, the fuel tank has also been placed low - forward of the rear wheels - towards the centre of the vehicle. This achieves an ideal just front-of-centre weight balance when the car is standing still.

400mm Hip Point

In the 86, the front seats are set low and as close to the car's centre as possible, with the driver and front passenger's hip points being just 400mm above the road. This not only helps give the driver a better feel for the road, it keeps the car's centre of gravity really low at just 460mm above the road surface.


The chassis and suspension in 86 are designed to offer ultra-responsive handling and to give good driver feedback. The use of extremely high grade tensile steel in the frame and the addition of strut tower bars plus the reinforcement of areas where load is transmitted from the suspension to the frame, gives the 86 excellent torsional rigidity, reducing flex.