A Sports Car Built to be Driven

The 86 has been designed to offer drivers genuine, raw driving excitement. The car has an ultra-low centre of gravity with a 'just front of middle' weight balance and a great power-to-weight ratio. The suspension and rigid body and chassis have been designed to provide optimum handling and dynamic performance. As a result of all this, the 86 responds to the slightest command.

13.1:1 Steering Rack Ratio

86 has been fitted with the smallest steering wheel in the Toyota line-up at just 365mm in diameter. In addition, the steering rack ratio is 13.1:1 on a par with racing cars and ensures exceptionally responsive steering. The leather steering wheel design was perfected with the help of test drivers on track - it's completely uncluttered; there are no extra controls or buttons, just grooved thumb-rests to provide the best grip possible.

Aerodynamic Sandwich Concept

We have taken a different aerodynamic approach with the 86. Airflow creates a 'sandwich' of air above, below and to the sides of the car. This envelope of air stabilises the car and prevents unnecessary down-force, helping to ensure that every drop of fuel contributes to performance. Thanks to the stabilising effect of the aerodynamic sandwich, handling at low to mid-range speeds is exceptionally agile.