The Return of the Ideal Sports Car

Toyota designed the 86 as the ideal sports car, an unadulterated driver's car. A rear-wheel drive, front-engine sports car that brings back raw driving pleasure and excitement. A car that's designed to let you do all the driving and simply begs to be driven.

Sports Car Pedigree

Toyota has a heritage of creating exciting sports cars beginning in 1965 with the Sports 800. The front-engine rear-wheel drive layout seen in many of our sports cars is considered the 'ideal' vehicle layout and success has endured both on the race-track and rally circuit, with the 2000GT and the AE86. The design of the new 86 builds on our sports car heritage.


The 86 has a front-rear weight split of 53:47, providing the ideal balance for cornering, especially on the track, where the perfect racing-line is required.


One of the joys of a rear-wheel drive, front-engine sports car with an ultra-low centre of gravity and a high power-to-weight ratio, is the way it handles. The low centre of gravity helps keep the car pinned to the ground and a steering rack ratio of 13.1:1 ensures a dynamic response to the lightest touch of the small diameter steering wheel.

Driving Position

The adoption of the horizontally-opposed Boxer engine in the 86 enables an ultra-low centre of gravity. To complement this, the front seat hip point is just 400mm from the ground. This low seating position enables the driver to feel more connected to the road. The front seats have been designed to put the driver in total control, with large bolsters to hold the body when encountering high G-forces, whilst allowing easy access to the car's controls.