Designed to Perform

The 86 is a fusion of modern design and timeless sports car elegance. Every crisp line, detail and curve reflects the passion that went into creating a car designed specifically to bring back the sheer exhilaration and excitement of raw sports car driving.

Sports Car Heritage

The 86 has inherited DNA from classic Toyota rear-wheel drive sports cars such as the Sports 800, the 2000GT and the AE86.

Alongside the timeless 2000GT, you can see how the 86's shape has evolved to be even more dynamic, yet still retaining the spirit and personality of yesteryear.

Ultra low Stance

Thanks to the 86's low centre of gravity, the car has an ultra-low stance.

The low, flat bonnet signals the presence of the boxer engine underneath and sweeps forwards in a sensuous downward curve, contrasting with the angled edges above the headlamps.

A Beautiful Rear

The 86 has been influenced by a passion for the beauty of pure sports cars. The trapezoid-shaped three-dimensional rear design, combined with wheels positioned at the edge of the vehicle emphasises the car's strong, stable stance.

Perfectly circular, large diameter exhaust tips are standard on all grades.

86 Signature

The front bumper grille features Toyota's signature T-mesh design and you'll also find the distinctive 86 'horizontal piston' logo on the front fender with the central '86' motif.