86 Design

The timeless design of the 86 reflects Toyota's long sports car heritage, and includes cars like the Sports 800, the 2000GT and the AE86.

The front grille features Toyota's signature T-mesh design and you'll find the distinctive 86 'horizontal piston' logo on the front fender.

86 Exoskeleton

With a light-weight frame made from extremely high grade tensile steel, reinforced front and side members, a strut tower bar and an aluminium engine under cover, the 86's body shell is extremely rigid.

2+2 Sports Car

The shape and layout of the 86, combined with the positioning of heavy components towards the centre of the vehicle, has enabled Toyota to create a car with an ultra-low centre of gravity and one of the most compact and lightweight 2+2 sports cars in the world.

Colour Selector

The 86 is available in 7 paint colours.